Testimonials From Actual Motorcycle Riders


Dale from Atlanta, GA said-

  • Afternoon.
    I took a cross county trip of about 5,000 miles this past summer over two weeks. I am 6’5” and originally was going to use the PakRest as intended but ended up modifying things a little bit. I ended up latching it down to the luggage rack on the tour Pak since I had a lot to carry.....
    PakRest made it very easy to get into itself, accessible from both ends and I also used several of the add on attachments for storage.
    Realizing it is not a recommended method for using since the heavier the weight on tour pack top, the more easily the tour pack can jostle loose as there is a recommend weight limit to tour pack rack of about 25/30 lbs.
    That aside, the ease of use and accessibility made it a nice reason to use it that way. It made its way back home just fine!!

Looks like Dale found another way to use his PakRest.
Just one more example of the VERSATILITY of The PakRest Motorcycle BackRest Travel Pack


Tanyale from Honea Path, South Carolina posted on Facebook-

 It makes your seat into a "Recliner" & makes rides so much more enjoyable ♡ I have a custom 2 piece seat on my bike, and I love it..but I wanted a backrest to provide back support...well this provides me the perfect solution without having to modify my bike! Now I dont have to change anything, just strap on my PakRest & I've got smiles for miles as well as a portable suitcase :)


Sally W. from China Grove, NC had this to say about The PakRest:

"I am so stoked about this wonderful addition to my Trike for traveling! The comfort level far exceeds my expectations! With the Pakrest in place there should not be any untimely shirts flying up to the shoulders exposing bra lines...or worse...unless the male or female actually wants their shirt to 'fly'... LOL. Just that short ride from Ft Mill up to Salisbury & around, I found a lot less fatigue in my shoulders because I was using the Pakrest to support my back....Wonderful!!"

Wow Great News Sally.  Good to know you are enjoying the Superior back support The PakRest has to offer.

The PakRest on a Honda Stateline

Jon D from Olivet, MI. sent us this email...

I have had the PakRest on my bike for a few days now and have taken some short to longer rides.  So far, it has met my expectations and reduced the back aches that came with the longer rides.

I do have a Mustang seat with the backrest, but the backrest did no go high enough.   I have spent a significant amount of time looking for ways to elevate the back rest (welding an extension piece on the bottom, adding a second rest to the top or trying to replace the existing back pad with a taller one.   I also shopped around for a duffel bag that I could put a frame or a "box" inside that would perform the same function.

Your PakRest provides the height I was looking for.  It provides the ease of access to the storage I was hoping for, and it provides the rigidity and comfort of the pad I felt was necessary to serve as a back rest.
.........I intend it staying on the bike for most of the time.

Great to hear The PakRests has helped reduce your back pain.  Thanks for sharing


Shawn from Ontario, Canada wrote to us to say-

here is my bike with the PakRest on it. So far it’s been very useful, it holds my helmet when I’m in a building and allows me to easily pick up groceries for my wife.  I injured my back and so the PakRest makes for a much more comfortable ride.  I hadn’t been riding my bike much prior to getting the PakRest, because it was very painful.  So, the PakRest makes it so much more comfortable on my back.  It’s nice to be on the road again! A very satisfied customer!

Thanks for the Great Testimonial.  We're glad to heat The PakRest has helped reduce your back pain and made motorcycle riding more comfortable.